Teaching Strategy

Using the course readings, the video you used in Unit 4 discussion and your own research, choose one teaching strategy and one method of assessment you could apply in your higher education classroom.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will:

  • Explain Inquiry Based Teaching  specific teaching strategy
  • Explain an Essay type method assessment that aligns with the teaching strategy you chose.
  • Apply the strategy and assessment to a course in your specialization. What are your preliminary thoughts about how this strategy and assessment impact student learning?

**** Analyzes Inquiry Based teaching, and demonstrates how this strategy could be applied in the classroom.

**** Analyzes how an assessment method (essay type assessment) aligns with a specific strategy, identifying strengths and weaknesses in its effectiveness.

***Applies a teaching strategy and assessment method to a course within a specialization of psychology, and provides relevant context and examples to support this application.

*** Identifies how a teaching strategy and assessment method impact student learning and supports these conclusions with scholarly literature.

APA FORMAT 4-5 pages

6-7 references