Team Case Analysis – Performance Lawn Equipment – Chapter 9


An important part of planning manufacturing capacity is having a good forecast of sales. Elizabeth Burke is interested in forecasting sales of mowers and tractors in each marketing region as well as industry sales to assess future changes in market share. She also wants to forecast future increases in production costs. Using the data in the Performance Lawn Equipment Database, develop forecasting models for these data and prepare a report of your results with appropriate charts and output from Excel.


An important aspect of business analytics is good communication. Summarize your findings and write up your answers to this case formally in a well-written report as if you were a consultant to Ms. Burke USING our class:


Finally, please answer ALL Questions and Sections of this Data Analytics for Business Case with great detail AND STEP BY STEP being extremely methodical and accurate in your answers. It is extremely important that for each Question and Section, you write the entire question and you LABEL and/or PLACE the appropriate headings and subheadings clearly for EACH part of the question and/or section.


Please address, analyze, and discuss in great detail and thoroughly support and explain the what’s, how’s, and why’s of each of your answers.

Table of Contents “To do List”

1. Executive Summary

2. Overview Case Analysis – What’s this case analysis about?

3. Scope of Consulting Work and Report –

· Detailed List of Assignments this case analysis is requesting.

4. Introduction

Additional Information:

Find attached samples of a case analysis. Do not copy material is just as a reference (to have an idea)