Team Topic Presentation

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In groups of 3 students, you’ll be assigned a topic to research and present verbally in the assigned class session. Groups will be formed by session 2 and topic assigned by the professor. The topic presentation should utilize visual aids and handouts as appropriate. The student team must make an effort to through present information in a clear, concise and relevent manner as it relates to the assigned topic. Student teams should plan to present for 10-15 minutes

We have to read a book called “The power of habit” and we’ll do a PowerPoint presentation based on the ideas we like the most and tie the ideas up with the stuff we learn from class. it is a 10-15 mins speech. we can actually read our presentation on ppt. make the ppt and speech for me. (I need a ppt and a speech to so i could speak it.)

I posted the link about the record of this book and aslo the summary of each chapter of this book