The Business Analyst And Complexity

Week 1 Learning Objectives
• Distinguish the key structural elements of business analysis
• Develop a framework for integrating business analysis good practices in the project management environment.
• Execute BA work throughout the project lifecycle
o Process
o Stakeholders/Roles/ Responsibilities
o Levels of requirements
• Examine the role of the BA in addressing project complexity

Essential Components
For this assignment, read the attached article.  Based on your readings and the insights gained this week, write an additional
paragraph to be added to this article.  Your new paragraph begins with:
“The business analyst needs to be well equipped with skills and competencies to manage multiple dimensions and has to deal
with complexity to manage the business analysis work of projects successfully. (Your name) (2018) depicted three dimensions
of business analysis activities…..”

Finish this paragraph with the dimensions, a short explanation of each and why they are important.

Be sure to write in APA 6 format and correctly cite resources used in completing your work