ENTR550 – Entrepreneurial Marketing

Week 3 Course Project Assignment

Business Model and Marketing Objectives


Here are a number of questions that you should consider when drafting the Business Model and the Marketing Objectives assignment.

· How will the enterprise make money?

· How will the enterprise create value?

· For whom will the enterprise create value?

· What is the enterprise’s internal source of sustainable competitive advantage?

· How will the enterprise position itself in the marketplace?

This ice cream truck will be located Beaumont, Texas off Dowlen road in Shops Of Metropolis 3195 Dowlen Rd, Beaumont, TX 77706

Other questions, issues, and concerns may come about as a result of your research. These should be added to your business model section.

Additionally, this paper should also address the marketing objectives. Common objectives include such items as sales projections, brand awareness levels, advertising, channel members and the product or service, as well as exact pricing as compared to competitors. In all circumstances, marketing objectives should be specific, measureable, and time bound.

The following is the outline for your Business Model and Marketing Objectives assignment.

Section 1 · Introduction, including the philosophical constraints
Section 2 · The business model, including any limitations
Section 3 · Marketing objectives, including any limitations
Section 4


· Relate how the business model and the marketing objectives support one another.

· Why is this important to consider and discuss?

· Discuss Implementation considerations, and conclusions

Section 5



· Provide appropriate references for all outside sourced information included in this assignment.

· Use APA style for both the in-text citations as well as the corresponding references entries.

· Remember, with limited exceptions, every in-text citation must have a corresponding entry in this references section.

· See the appropriate section in Student Resources within this course for additional information related to the APA style of writing (Writing Resources: APA).

· Although there isn’t an expected minimum number of in-text citations or reference entries required for this assignment, a good benchmark to consider is at least two citations. One of the citations may be the course textbook, if appropriate.