the data set

  1. Use at least five metrics in Tutorial SW 5 pdf and then find three on the Internet. There are nine sample essays, all of them can be repeated. It’s best to have one or two different from the sample essay.
  2. Try to write in the format of the sample essay. The sample essay was written by a classmate last year, and it only has 63 points.
  3. You need to make a dashboard similar to the one in the sample.
  4. Just use the data in the data set, enter the pivot table to calculate it, and directly make the chart. A dashboard template with high scores is also attached. Use this data to calculate a lot of metrics, and then find some data from the Internet to write a little.
  5. Because the purpose is to optimize the pay per click, and make comments, try not to choose the metrics that are too large and empty.