The Demands Of International Human Resource Management

Suggested Paper Outline:

The typed report should not exceed 12 double-spaced pages (excluding graphs and exhibits). An

executive summary (that will summarize your report in one page), table of contents, and complete

references (APA style) are compulsory. Do not summarize the contents of the textbook!

• Title page (Topic and a complete name list of the presenters)

• Executive summary

• Table of Contents

• Introduction (Explain the key concepts, importance of the topic, and issues to be


• Theoretical framework (relevant theories/concepts both discussed and not

discussed in the textbook, definition, background information, etc.) Review how

these theories/concepts are discussed in the academic literature (peer reviewed).

• Your research findings should include both qualitative and quantitative findings.

• Practical application of these theories and concepts.(Case studies)


• Explanation of how it is linked to what have been studied through the course

(e.g., critiques on the existing theories, firm practices, and implications for the


• Concluding comments (your own opinion)

• References (a complete list of references: APA style)

Note: At least 4 case studies to support the theories and concepts. No need to use the textbook.