The essay question

The essay question

For your project essay, you must choose ONE question, from the following options:


  1. Care for the Elderly: The average age of the population is rising in the UK and there is an increasing focus on how the elderly should be cared for. Examine the situation this may create over the next 30 years in the UK and any problems that may arise. Focusing on the UK and using research describe the possible solutions to the problems, and evaluate these possible solutions. Based onnn,.’’
  2. your evaluations, offer an opinion on which solution(s) might be best.


  1. The Role of Private Healthcare Companies in the NHS: Traditionally, healthcare in Britain has been provided solely by the government in the form of the National Health Service (NHS). However, in recent years, there have been controversial policy changes resulting in private health care companies working within the NHS. Discuss and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of these recent changes to the UK health service.





Suggested Reading List

Below you will see a suggested reading list for the question that you have chosen. The sources are a mixture of books and journal articles. These items should be available via the Robinson Library website, either through the ‘Library Search’ or an electronic database such as Web of Knowledge or CSA Illumina. You will also see some websites which you may find useful.



Question 1: Care for the Elderly


Journal(s) / e-journal articles

Allin, S ; Masseria, C ; Mossialos, E (2011) Equity in health care use among older people in the UK: an analysis of panel data. Applied Economics, 43(18), p.2229-2239 [Peer Reviewed Journal] Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)

Karlsson, M; Mayhew, Les ; Plumb, R ; Rickayzen, B (2006) Future costs for long-term care: Cost projections for long-term care for older people in the United Kingdom

Health policy, 2006,75(2), pp.187-213 [Peer Reviewed Journal] Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)


Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change Ready for Ageing? (HL 2012-2013, 140) Available at:

(Accessed 11/10/20)





e-book(s) book(s)


Timonen, V. (2008) Ageing Societies : A Comparative Introduction. Maidenhead : McGraw-Hill International UK Ltd Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)



Improving Later Life: Services for older people – what works (Age UK)  Available at  (Accessed 11/10/20)



Question 2: The Role of Private Healthcare Companies in the NHS



Journal/ e-journal

Propper, C. (2005) Expenditure on healthcare in the UK: A review of the issues. Journal of Applied Public Economics.  Available at:

Salisbury, C. (2008) The involvement of private companies in NHS general practice. British medical Journal. NCBI [online]. Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)




British Medical Association (2009) Interface between NHS and Private Treatment. (Accessed 11/10/20)



Nuffield Trust (2013) Public payment and private provision: the changing landscape of health care in the 2000s.

Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)


Nuffield Trust (2019) Various Articles Related to NHS

Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)




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Available at: (Accessed 11/10/20)



Pollock, A. (2008) NHS plc: the privatisation of our health care. London; New York: Verso.,contains,Pollock,%20A.&offset=0

(Loanable from Robinson Library)