The Evolution Of Crime And Criminal Justice

As crime evolves, so too do the roles and responsibilities of the criminal justice system. Just a few decades ago, for example, the Internet was not yet born and thus cybercrime was unheard of. Now cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing law enforcement careers.

In your readings, you have learned about the evolving nature of crime and the role of the criminal justice system from early societies to the present era. For this Assignment, you analyze that progression and then reflect on contemporary criminal justice roles in a scenario.

1. Explain how the criminal justice system has responded to the rapid growth of the United States since colonial times.

2. Identify a contemporary crime. Explain why this crime may or may not have occurred at an earlier point in history.

3. Describe conditions within a society that create the need for a criminal justice system. Explain how these needs may or may not have changed over time.

4. Explain what has changed in society to necessitate the creation of and reliance on the police.

Next, consider this scenario: You are the responding officer to a domestic disturbance at a home in your patrol area. A woman answers the door, face bloodied and accuses her husband of abuse. The husband becomes violent and threatening, so you arrest him. He is arraigned the next day and denied bail due to previous arrests. The husband has not been convicted in the past, however, because the wife usually drops charges. This time, she has decided to press charges.

Respond to the following based on the above scenario:

5. Identify the criminal justice roles that are or will be present in the scenario.

6. Describe the responsibilities associated with each criminal justice role