The Great Leadership Of Ronald Reagan

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This final project will enable you to research a leader of your choosing and write a comprehensive profile of him/her. Within that profile, you must address:
· Why you chose him/her?

· Does he/she align with trait theory or behavior theory?

· What leadership abilities and skills does he/she possess?

· What vision does he/she uphold?

· What type of values and ethics does he/she display?

· What type of power does he/she utilize?

· How does he/she lead change?

· Evaluate his/her job performance in the areas of human relations, team leadership, and subordinate development

Include a cover sheet and Works Cited page, with at least 3 outside references cited. This project should total a minimum of 6 complete pages of content (Cover sheet and Works Cited page don’t count towards the 6-page total). Be sure to use APA/MLA format for the paper as well.

This project will be checked through SafeAssign (plagiarism checker), so ensure you have proper citations!