“The impact the Affordable Care Act has had on full-time employee and part-time employees”.

Requirements and Evaluation of Research Paper

This paper’s topic is called : “The impact the Affordable Care Act has had on full-time employee and part-time employees”.

Each student is to write a polished original research paper. The research paper will increase the student’s critical perspectives, awareness, and knowledge in a course subject area. Each paper will focus on a specific and narrowly defined topic. The topic could be formulation, implementation, or/and modification phases of any health policy making at federal or state level. This paper’s topic is called “The impact the Affordable Care Act has had on full-time employee and part-time employees”.

The paper should demonstrate that the student has read widely and critically in the relevant field. The student has a chance to present his/her point of view through a well-structured and compelling paper while properly citing others’ ideas. The paper’s references section should include at least 5 reliable, current, and professional sources.

The paper must be at least 9 pages long including an abstract, with 12pt font double-spaced, and 1 inch margins all around. The paper should adhere to the American Psychological Association style manual. Student papers will be checked for plagiarism detection software. Violations of the student code of conduct (plagiarism, cheating) will result in an F being assigned for this course.


Abstract: Clearly and sequentially conveys the content of paper

Topic introduction: Excellent introduction that addressed purpose, theoretical basis, and significance of the paper topic. The significance of the research paper has been established and grounded in previous knowledge or research.

Development: Paper statement or research question addresses a relevant and specific course area and advances a new argument or perspective

Evidence: Paper statement or research question is thoroughly supported by evidence, examples, observations, and appropriate citations

Critical thinking: Integrates different disciplinary knowledge and includes evidence of reflection

Delivery: Very clear and concise flow of ideas. Transitions between ideas enhance the presentation in paragraphs and subsections

Conclusion: Extends conclusions to address implications and consider ambiguities

Writing style: Paper is coherent, concise and well structured with a clear purpose. Error free (spelling, grammar, typographical errors)

Citation: Appropriate citation of sources. Contains 5 or more relevant references

Paper guidelines and APA style (e.g., references, levels of heading, margins): APA guidelines were followed correctly.


Tech/Media Slideshow: The presentation has 20 slides timed to advance every 20 seconds. The presentation runs flawlessly.

Topic/issue Critical Analysis: Student gives a thorough and detailed analysis that fully addresses the issue in all of its complexity.

Organization of knowledge and discipline content: The presentation was extremely organized, and the ideas and images flowed in a manner that was easily followed and understood. The material transitioned seamlessly from slide to slide.

Overall visual appeal and creativity: The images/text chosen were appropriate and extremely thoughtful to the topic and conveyed in an excellent manner according to presentation’s purpose. The audience was informed and entertained.

Prep and presentation of oral communication script: The presenter obviously prepared a compelling script, rehearsed, demonstrated superior knowledge of the subject matter, and demonstrated outstanding (prerecorded) presentation skill (pace/tone/volume, confidence/poise).