The Manufacture Of Ignorance

Reference style: Harvard reference style
Blog posts should be 200 words long excluding references and headings.
The Blog should contain a heading with your name and also what weekly topic you are writing about.
The Blog should be written in continuous prose as succinctly as possible with ‘in-text’ referencing if required. The standard warnings regarding plagiarism apply. Fonts and layout should be the same as for essays and other written work for HSTC 100.
References to the sources you have used should appear at the end of the Blog and do not form part of the word count.
Whilst the Blog should contain your own views these should still be expressed in a formal academic register similar to that you would use for essay writing.
Given the small number of words required to be written there is not an expectation that students need to demonstrate evidence of doing wider research but rather provide evidence of reading, thinking and reflecting on one or more of the relevant readings for the topic chosen for the Blog.
 The weekly questions can be used to provide some broad guidance about the relevant issues but they do not need to be answered in a formal way.