The political-economic, social or regulatory issues OR the changing status of what it means to be an expert

Course name: Web transformation

Choose one of the following questions and write a 2000 word academic essay:

  1. Discuss the politco-economic, social or regulatory issues (choose 1-2)surrounding global microwork
  2. Discuss the changing status of what it means to be an expert. Choose 1-2 specific professions or industries.

Other instructions

  • Ensure that you use an absolute minimum 6 relevant references and cite specific examples or case studies to demonstrate your argument.


  • L2 lecture notes
  • Q:stability of knowledge. How it changes?
  • Awareness or understanding of sth, eg. Facts information
  • The definition of knowledge will not change, the way of what we look at knowledge will change.
  • Worship experts create power structure.
  • Q: what changes with experts? Is knowledge more democratic? What’s mean for you?
  • You can judge it.
  • Q: Consumers empowered
  • What does empowered mean?
  • Empowering employees drives greater efficiency in the business
  • Employees can increase revenue and profits
  • Business leaders are driving a shift away from IT-controlled technology to at-will consumption of the best technology, devices, applications and IT services available in the marketplace. Securing this technology while empowering the business requires a new approach to security that is not just about what IT prevents but also what it makes possible.
  • Q: What sort of format are you talking about?
  • Q: Power?
  • Relate to money, position in society and money.
  • Sb has the ability to do sth.
  • If sb without money, one’s life in society, power shifts for increasing profit.
  • Shifting my labor cost to consumers.
  • Not to give you control.
  • Power=the only way we look power : Capler society for money.


Lecture 2 readings: