the spanish civil war eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Guernica(1937)

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Write an 1500 words essay using Chicago style with at least 2 references answering the following questions (I am submitting this essay in Turnitin so it has to be plagiarism-free).

1. Describe the Guernica assault as recounted by survivors. Aside from the town’s physical infrastructure, what else did the planes target? Why do you think their tactics were so alarming to people at the time?

2. What impact do you think these tactics may have had on people elsewhere in Spain fighting on behalf of the republic? What does this suggest about the underlying goals of the mission?

Also, follow an argumentative structure that shall include:
a) An introduction that presents the historical context, a strong thesis statement that responds to the prompt, and a blueprint that anticipates the organization of your paper.
b) Body paragraphs with topic sentences. They should be oriented to provide historical evidence to prove your argument. This means to cite your sources and to include and discuss quotes that will help you delve deeper into the analysis and will strengthen your argument.
c) A strong conclusion on the subject.