therapeutic exercise and physical activity

This assignment brief should be read in conjunction with the module descriptor and the assignment marking criteria.

Module Learning Outcomes.

By engaging with this module successfully you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the underpinning theories and evidence that support clinical reasoning in therapeutic exercise.
  2. Critically discuss and apply relevant theories of exercise prescription in clinical practice.
  3. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the barriers and challenges to engaging service users with exercise and physical activity strategies.
  4. Critically reflect upon the potential strengths and limitations of a suggested educational tool

Formative Task: Presentation of your proposed educational tool and feedback on your proposed exercise strategy

The formative task is designed to facilitate the development of the skills that you will require in order to meet the pass level criteria for the summative assessment. Within the module there will be two key formative activities. Firstly you will be asked to individually present your chosen educational tool to a tutor and your peers. Your presentation will need to include justification of the tools’ content and justification of its format. This will take place during one of the seminar sessions. You will get verbal feedback from the tutor and your peers.

Secondly there will be an opportunity for you to create a written piece based on the evidence and theory around your suggested exercise approach. You will be able to submit either an essay plan or up to 500 words of a section that you would particularly wish to gain feedback on. You will be allocated a support tutor for this and will receive written feedback in the form on annotations on your submission. There will only be one opportunity to receive this feedback. There will not be an opportunity to receive feedback on multiple submissions of draft work.  The feedback for both tasks should inform what you need to do in order to meet the pass level criteria for the summative assessment.


Summative tasks: Written task, 4000 word essay plus an educational tool.

Firstly, you will be required to individually write an essay (Word limit 4000 words) in which you select and justify either a structured exercise intervention or a physical activity intervention for a specific condition or pathology. For example you may choose to write about exercise for fatigue, pain management, self-management of long term conditions or for the management of mental heath conditions. Or you could either choose a particular patient group such as falls in the elderly or for specific pathologies.

Please familiarise yourself with the university guidance on word counts for written assignments. The 4000 words are inclusive of ALL text including citations, tables, text boxes, quotes and titles of diagrams/figures if outside the diagram.  The content of diagrams and figures (words inside these) are exempt from Word’s word count if constructed in Word or inserted as a picture.

If word limits are exceeded by more than 10%, then 10% of the available marks will be deducted. You will be given clear feedback if this is the case.

Appendices are not marked for this piece of work so appendices should not contain content you wish to be considered against the learning outcomes or marking criteria.  Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 all apply to both the essay and the educational tool. Each learning outcome is equally weighted.

Secondly you will be required to devise an educational tool which will need to be specifically targeted to your chosen audience. The audience can be any group that you choose, so for example you might direct the tool at service users themselves or at health care professionals. There is no fixed format because you will need to consider which format will be the most appropriate for the audience that you have chosen. Examples are things like web pages, leaflets or video presentations. If you are producing a leaflet it should be limited to 1000 words. Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes.

The essay will need to include your reflections on the strengths and limitations of your chosen tool.

You will be provided with written feedback and a highlighted marking grid. You should submit your work using the template that is available in the Assessment folder of the Blackboard site. This allows the marking grid and feedback to appear below your written submission.



Please note that the summative task is subject to internal and external moderation following SHU assessment regulations.

Moderation involves:

(a)       a process to ensure that the form and content of assessment instruments is valid in terms of
standards, assessment of learning outcomes, syllabus coverage, and fairness to students

(b)       a process to ensure that the marking has taken place in a way which ensure maintenance of
standards, consistency of marking and fairness to students

  • Internal (a staff member not within the module team)- this takes place during the three week turnaround and occurs before your mark is released.
  • External (someone external to the University)- this takes place before the subject assessment board in which your module mark is confirmed.