Thinking Critically About Elections

Answer ALL of the following four questions:

Explain the types of primaries used in the United States. What type does California have?
Using what you know about what it takes to win elections, give four specific recommendations of things you think would help a candidate win office. Examine the local elections occurring in your community. What tactics are effective?
Select a television news program to watch. While watching it, keep track of the amount of time given to each story, and make note of whether the story was about politics or not. What did you find? What observations do you derive from this? Did you feel you obtained an in-depth understanding of the political issues being discussed?
Visit Living Room Candidate (Links to an external site.) (or any other site that shows political campaign commercials) and examine two political commercials (try to choose a commercial from a Democrat and Republican candidate). Write at least a paragraph response to the two commercials. What do you think of the commercials? Are the commercials effective?