Setting goals is an important first step toward achieving success, but managing time and completing the tasks needed to reach those goals is a critical second step. Time is a valuable personal resource—when we gain greater control of it, we gain greater control of our lives.

Chapter 4 of Thriving at Trident supplies a comprehensive set of strategies for managing time, establishing priorities, combating procrastination, and completing tasks.

3-page reflection paper on time Management skills and how you can go about improving them. Review the strategies recommended for preventing and overcoming procrastination on pp. 78-80 from Chapter 4 of Thriving at TridentUse at least two strategies from the chapter and at least one strategy from an additional source of your choice.

  1. An Introductory paragraph (what the paper will be about and provide the three time management strategies that will be covered)
  2. Supporting Body (a paragraph with personal examples for each time management strategy; 2 strategies from Thriving at Trident and 1 external web source) There should be in-text citations for the three strategies and the sources listed on the Reference List page.
  3. Conclusion paragraph that recaps.
  4. There will be a TOTAL of at least 5 paragraphs.
  1. Each of the paragraphs should be 4 or 5 sentences in length.
  2. Create a Reference List (i.e., Thriving at Trident and at least one additional source of your choice.

Youtube video SImple time management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBfhefEWd-c