Translation (Technical Communication)

Translation I: This assignment provides the opportunity to research how the skills learned in this class will translate to the workplace. Write a letter to me describing the kinds of communicating you will do in your career. What kind of documents and presentations can you expect to produce– for what audiences and purposes? Be specific. How will your verbal skills be challenged daily as you mediate between diverse audiences? Will you use visual mediums of communication such as Skype or GoToMeeting? What about social media? Begin your research with The Dictionary of Occupational Titles online or in the library. Interviewing someone in your chosen profession is also helpful.

The letter should be single spaced, 12 point in Times New Roman or Calibri 11 font; paragraphs are not indented with white space between them. Chapters 1-3 in Lannon contain useful information for this assignment.Follow the block letter format on page 345(though you do not need to follow the spacing between elements quite as closely).Use the first paragraph to introduce yourself, the profession you have chosen, and why you are interested in the field. If you interviewed someone, include his or her name in this paragraph. Include any other source you used.In the second paragraph (possibly 3rd), discuss in detail the kinds of communication, written, verbal, and visual, that you may expect in your future career.

Conclude in the last paragraph with a few lines about what you specifically need to focus on in the class. The body of the letter should be at least 200 words and is due Sept 4. Don’t forget to sign

-information that you should know to do the translation: my name is Sofia barboza, i am from maracaibo, Venezuela and i am studying business administration. i am really interested in this field because since i was a child my father loved to tough me business things and i loves it.

information about the person that i interviewed: (classmate) Her name is maria

She is studying microbiology

She is planning to transfer to Uf

This is her 2 year here at sf

She have 5 brothers