Treatment Of Schizotypal PD

Treatment options for Schizotypal PD  including psychotherapy and medication.

There will be one APA style research paper. This will be a research paper organized as a lit review. You will need a title page and references page but an abstract is NOT necessary. The paper itself should be 3-5 pages (not including the title or references etc) so total it will likely be a 5-7 page paper. Do NOT submit anything more than 10 pages total. Each of you will be assigned a PD to write about and I will also include a  sub-topic or a more specific focus to the paper. You can expand on my topic and incorporate other interesting research and sub-topics but you must stay on the topic assigned.

When I say APA, I mean: in-text citations, references pages, good grammar and punctuation, appropriate formatting and flow, 12 point font, double spaced and a title page. Do not use any articles that were writtin before 2000 and TBH you should be looking for things written in the last 10 years