trump impeachment

Each student is expected to complete a business analysis in QlikView on a topic of their choice. This analysis should support the decision-making process. This could be to support a business process (i.e. scheduling production) or support a personal process (i.e. deciding what book to read).

My Topic is Trump Impeachment click on this link ( to find sample data sets for this project.

Step 1) Upload your data into QlikView.

Step 2) Set up list boxes to filter your data

Step 3) Create tables/charts to display your data

Step 3) In your project write-up, include an explanation of how the tables/charts support the decision process.

You do not have to turn in your QlikView file. However, you should include some screen captures of your QlikView application in your write-up.

The project write-up should be about 5 pages in length and in APA format.