Undergraduate English paper.

Undergraduate English paper. This homework is very important. Please write in accordance with the homework requirements.
Three documents There is one document that must be used in the document I gave, the document:
The synthesis paper is the first part of the signature assignment for Advanced Reading and Writing. You will have the opportunity to apply all of the skills you have practiced this semester, including reading critically, creating an argument, selecting evidence, organizing ideas, ethically using outside sources, avoiding errors of grammar and vocabulary, and adhering to APA style.
In this paper, you will synthesize ideas and themes about your topic from at least three reliable texts. At least one must be an academic text. You may also use the same text(s) from your Media Comparison if the text is credible based on your earlier assessment. You will also address how your understanding of this topic has evolved over time.
The resulting paper will be between five and seven pages, including a reference page. You must adhere to APA formatting, correctly integrate in-text citations, paraphrase appropriately, quote appropriately, and correctly format references. Please adhere to the outline below:
Introduction (one paragraph)
Introduces the general topic, attracts the reader, and includes a thesis statement.
Body (number varies)
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Response (one paragraph)
How has your understanding of this topic evolved?
What coincides with your previous beliefs about this topic?
What, if anything, surprised you?
What questions do you still have?
Conclusion (one paragraph)
What are the implications of this work? Why is it important?
In which direction do you
believe this work is going? How might it continue?
Use 3 resources to get 3 themes
To write 6 paragraph intro themes 1 theme2 theme3 response conclusion
In the apa format, this document must quote from the file I gave, and there are two others that can be found on the Internet.
This document is about the economic impact of hk protest
topic is hk protest
Each paragraph must have topic sentences
Each theme needs at least two resources to write