Unit 3: Assignment

Unit 3: Assignment

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· Submitting a file upload


· Available until Sep 13 at 11:59pm


Download the following Excel Spreadsheets:

1. Chapter 9, Problem 14 Preview the document

2. Chapter 9, Problem 18 (a, b) Preview the document

Data and instructions included with spreadsheets.

Video Resources

· Assignment Review (Links to an external site.)

· Lecture – Chapter 5 (Links to an external site.)

· Lecture – Chapter 9 (Links to an external site.)

· Weeks 1-3 Summary (Links to an external site.)


· Refer to Assignments and Grading for information on assignment requirements, deadline, and grading rubric.

· Assignment problems are located in the text with the assignment.

· Answer all questions in the text for each homework problem.

· Use the Report Template Preview the document to perform an in-depth analysis of the problem.

· Follow the directions on the template and utilize the proper report format shown in the template file.

· If the problem has an Excel spreadsheet accompanying the assignment, you MUST submit BOTH the Excel file and a completed Report Template with your analysis and recommendations.

· If the assignment has multiple Excel files, you may combine the analysis of all Excel files into a single Report Template.  However, ensure you identify each problem with each analysis.

· All Excel files and Reports MUST be submitted as a single upload to your grade book.

· i.e. if there are three Excel files, you must complete all three Excel files

· Complete a Report using the template.  You may combine the analysis as stated above.

· Submit all three Excel files AND the combined Report Template to your grad book.

· Analysis should demonstrate the student’s interpretation of the data based on the information in the corresponding chapter of the text, and their own critical thinking/intuitive skills. Creative thinking and assumptions are allowed, and encouraged, to fully analyze the data.

· Analysis of the data in the charts must be separately submitted in a Word document.

· If the problem is in Excel format, students must answer the questions in the text as a foundation for a detailed analysis of the chart and accompanying data.

· Analysis/interpretation of the data in the charts is required.

· Do not describe the chart, rather interpret what the chart is displaying based on the data.

· Be specific in your analysis of the chart, and incorporate the material into your answe