Unit 3 Discussions

Unit 3 Discussion: Greek Democracy (HIS101)

Unit 3 Discussion: Greek Democracy

A democratic form of government first developed in the ancient city-state of Athens in the fifth century BCE. Why do you believe that democracy first began in Greece? What influence did the Athenian government have on the foundation of American democracy?


Unit 3.1 DB: Diverse Workforce Benefits (HRM411)

Unit 3.1 DB: Diverse Workforce Benefits

Explain in your own words why a business would benefit from a diverse workforce.   Provides examples and research to defend your positions.


Unit 3.2 DB: Blending a Diverse Workforce Research (HRM411)

Unit 3.2 DB: Blending a Diverse Workforce Research

You are required to research and choose articles relevant to blending a diverse workforce and post the article or link to an article for everyone to read. The post must include a summary of salient points that will entice your classmates to read the article.

You must post topic relevant links or citations in this forum by midnight Wednesday and respond to at least two (2) students by midnight on Saturday.

What challenges are prevalent in attempting to blend a diverse workforce?  In your response to your peers, expand upon the challenges with which you agree and question the ones you don’t. Provide examples/research to support your opinions.