Unit 4 Written Assignment: Kantianism Vs. Utilitarianism

Description In this assignment, you will apply utilitarianism and Kant’s moral theory to a situation from your own life. Instructions 

  1. Select a situation in which you had to make a moral choice.
  2. In a Word document, write an essay in which you apply utilitarianism or Kantianism to a situation from your life.
  3. Your essay should include the following components:
    • An introduction explaining the situation and what you chose to do.
    • Tell what a utilitarian thinker and a Kantian thinker would do in the situation and why;
    • Discuss which school of thought would most approve of your course of action.
    • How would Kant’s idea of what give an act moral worth apply?
    • How would a utilitarian’s?
    • A conclusion summing up your ideas.
  4. Save your work, then click on the blue title above to submit your completed assignment.


  • A minimum of four (4) pages excluding the title page and references is required.
  • Use APA format.
    • Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced with 1″ margins.
    • Title and reference pages are required.
    • Include an introduction and conclusion.
    • An abstract is not required.
  • Use support from reputable sources (other than course materials) written within the last five years.

Be sure to review the  assignment grading rubric and the requirements listed above  to ensure you are meeting the assignment’s criteria.

This assignment MUST include references and it will be submitted to safe assign