Unit 5 Assignment – Persuasive And Negative Messages

: 100 Overview: The ability to write a persuasive message in business communication is an important skill. Occasionally, you will need to deliver bad news within your message. In this assignment, you will practice the skill of writing a persuasive memo containing negative news. Instructions:

• Choose one of the following options to complete:

o You are a member of the Finance Department for Post Corporation, as well as a trusted colleague and CEO. Upon analysis of the financial statements, you have determined that the amount of debt the company has is too much to come back from using normal business procedures given the declining performance in recent years, due to alternative purchasing methods by customers. Your task is to write a persuasive memo to the CEO explaining why you feel that the best action to take going forward is to close the stores. Focus on the tone of the memo. You can use outside resources to help prove your point – be sure to cite any outside sources in APA format.

o You are the CEO of Post Corporation and you have just received the report from the Finance Department regarding the inability of the company to pay off its debt. Reluctantly, the only option is to liquidate all the inventory in order to salvage as much money as possible before closing the stores. Your task is to compose a memo directed to the organization’s stakeholders, which includes employees, the Board of Directors, senior management, customers and/or suppliers. In the memo, focusing on the tone, explain the rationale for the decision to close the stores.


• Use memo format to communicate a clear message.

• Write your memo in professional style and tone.

BUS311 – Managerial Communications

Persuasive and Negative Messages

• Cite resources using APA format.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

Evaluation Rubric for Persuasive and Negative Messages Assignment

CRITERIA Deficient Needs Improvement

Proficient Exemplary

(0-13.9 points)

(14-15.9 points)

(16-17.9 points)

(18-20 points)

Substance The assignment is incomplete.

The assignment lacks both detail and substance.

The assignment is complete but lacks some details and substance.

The message contains relevant, on- topic detail and substance.

Organization Memo format is not used. There is no structure to the memo.

There is an attempt at memo format, but there are some organizational issues.

Memo format is used, but there are some organizational issues.

Memo format is used, and the structure substantially communicates a clear message.

Tone Professional tone/style is not employed.

Professional tone/style is inconsistent.

Professional tone/style is consistent.

Professional tone/style is carefully crafted and enhances the message.

Sentence Structure, Word Choice and Transitions

Sentence structure and word choice are deficient; no transitions.

Sentence structure is lacking, word choice is poor; some transitions.

Sentence structure exists, but does not vary, word choice is good; transitions employed.

Sentences are complete, and their structure and length are varied, creating fluidity. Excess, phrases and sentences are eliminated for greater clarity. Concise style with transitions employed.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling; Error-free writing

Writing with significant errors.

Writing with some errors.

Writing with few grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.

Writing with no errors.