Unit 7 Assignment (MGT105 Principles Of Management)

: In this assignment, we will explore two important topics: YOU and Leadership! You will reflect on your skills and then identify your primary leadership style from the following list: Self leadership Authentic Leadership Participative Leadership Laissez Faire Leadership Collaborative Leadership Autocratic leadership Situational Leadership Transformational Leadership

Task-Oriented Leadership Adaptive Leadership Authoritative Leadership Visionary Leadership Transactional Leadership Team Leadership Instrumental Leadership Democratic Leadership

Charismatic Leadership Coaching Leadership Servant Leadership Directive Leadership Ethical Leadership Motivational Leadership Pace Setting Leadership Interpersonal Leadership

Instructions: Develop a PowerPoint presentation related to your primary leadership style. Your PowerPoint should include the following five areas:

• Title Slide = Include your name and topic

• Introduction slide = Defines your leadership style; summary or quote and cite

• Body = Include a real-world example of an individual or group who uses your leadership style

• Conclusion = Wrap up of presentation

• References = Include your reference


• Be sure to use course concepts in your work. • Include at least one (1) resource, and be sure to cite appropriately in APA format. • Use clear and professional writing.

Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

MGT105: Principles of Management Unit 7 Assignment: Leadership and You



Evaluation Rubric for Human Resources Assignment


CRITERIA Needs Improvement Developing Proficient

Required Elements 0-23 Points 24-31 Points 32-40 Points

Several major elements are missing or are difficult to evaluate.

Assignment is generally completed according to instructions, some elements missing.

Assignment fully complete, and all instructions followed.

Course Concepts 0-17 Points 18-23 Points 24-30 Points

Work does not reflect the content of the course.

Course concepts generally apparent but may show inconsistencies or minor gaps in understanding.

Course concepts are thoroughly reflected in the work.

Organization 0-6 Points 7-8 Points 9-10 Points

Work is disorganized or unclear.

Work shows some attempts at organization.

Work is clearly structured, reflects planning, and ordered thought.

Reference and APA Formatting

Does not or minimally meets resource and APA formatting guidelines.

Mostly meets resource and APA formatting guidelines.

Meets resource and APA formatting guidelines.

Clear and Professional Writing

Writing is unclear or disorganized, with multiple errors that impede the professional presentation.

Few writing errors are beginning to impede the professional presentation of material.

Writing is clear, professional, and error-free.



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  • Instructions:
  • Requirements: