Project 1

  • You and four friends have developed a new environmentally friendly heater. You all have extensive business experience. Together, you have established a new company, Green Heaters Pty Ltd ACN 512 302 XXX, which will manufacture and sell the new heater to wholesalers. The five of you will comprise the board of directors. The board has forecasted that Green Heaters Pty Ltd will sell 650,000 heaters in the first year and will employ 100 staff.

You have been given the task of designing and developing the standard documentation which will be used by Green Heaters Pty Ltd. You must present details of your plans to the board of directors. Prepare a comprehensive report to the board in which you explain what you will do to manage the design and development of business documents. The report must explain details of the methods and processes you will use to produce high quality documents.

In the report, you should provide details of the types of documents which you will produce and how you will ensure that they will be suitable for requirements. You should explain the methods you will use to develop standard documents including templates and macros and provide information about any assistance you will need, including details of external sources.

Your report should detail the strategies you will use to ensure employees use standard documents productively. Provide information about the proposed organisational policies and procedures which will be implemented to govern the use of standard documents as well as ensure standard documents meet any changing requirements of the organisation in the short and long term. It must include prototypes of at least five documents, together with a sample of the written instructions which could be provided to employees who will use those documents.

Your report should be a minimum of 3-4 pages, with examples and other extra information added as appendices.

要有title, sub headings, reference list