Using Web Research to Budget for a Sales Conference (CASE STUDY SAMPLE)



Using Web Research to Budget for a Sales Conference.

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The Company is looking to make the event a two-day event starting from the reception day. The Conference will be a sales one, and the total number of visitors expected is 200. The Company is expecting these visitors to come from different places and they will all be eating and accommodate in one hotel. The Conference is set to happen in either Miami or Florida. The visitors won’t be sharing rooms, and each one is expected to sleep on their bed. The celling budget for the accommodation is $135 000. Therefore, the Company needs to book a two-night accommodation for its visitor as there is a reception on October 18th.

Issues and problems.

The Company faces a few issues in order to make the Conference a reality. Some of the problems it faces are:

  • It needs to find each of the attendees a room for accommodation that is within its budget.
  • The attendees need to eat for the three days stay in the hotels, and it needs to be at most $60 per person.
  • The hotel in which they will be accommodated in should be able to make food for all the visitors and handle the 200 capacity easily as the Conference will be running all day.
  • The Company needs to book an accommodation room for two continuous days, that is for 18th night and 19th
  • Needs two big rooms to hold the Conference in, one being with a capacity of 200 and the other half the capacity.
  • Flights should be arranged for, and a consideration that the visitors come from different places should be taken.
  • The air tickets will cost differently since the flights are from different places.


The above issues have possible solutions considerating the choices the Company has provided for the location and its budget.

The Company is intending to hold Conference for a row in two days, that is on October 19th and 20th starting with a reception event on October 18th. So the Company needs to book the hotel for two nights. If the Company is to go-to for:


Hotel Doubletree by Hilton Grand hotel:- $129 per night + $25 000 for the two conference halls for two days.

Miami Meriott Biscayne Bay:- $ 126 per night + 30 000 for the two conference halls for the two days.

Ther are 125 representatives expected, and 16 managers expected; therefore, the total number of rooms needed is 141 rooms. The total cost is $36 378 for Hilton and $35 532 for Meriott.

Marco Island, Florida.

Hilton Garden in Fort Myers:- $90 per night + $45 000 for the two conference halls for a total of two days.

Towneplace Suites Naples Meriott:- $116 per night + $ 37 000 for the two conference halls for the two days that they shall be used.

The total room cost will be approximately $25 380 for Hilton and $32 712 for Meriott.

And for the air tickets,

  • Los Angeles:- $125 for each person, $6750 for all the people.
  • San Francisco:- $150 for each, $4800 for all.
  • Seattle: -$150 for each, $3300 for all.
  • Chicago:- $127 for each and $2413 for all.
  • Pittsburgh :$269 for each and $3766 for all.

The cost of the tickets will be different as we can note from above, the time of arrival might also be different, and that is the importance of the reception day. The total cost for the air tickets will be approximately $21 029.

For the food part for three days for each person will be a total of $25 380.


From the above calculations, the total cost of holding the Conference:

In Miami,

Is $36 378 + $21 029 + $25 380 + $25 000 for hiring the conference hall for two days  which is a total of $107 787 for Hilton accommodation.

And $35 532 + $21 029 + $25 380 + $30 000 for hiring the conference hall for two days which is a total of $111 941 for Meriott accommodation.

In Marco Island, Florida,

Is $25 380 + $21 029 + $25 380 + $45 000 cost of hiring the two conference hall for two days in a row, which makes the total cost to be $116 789 for the Hilton Hotel.

And $32 712 + $21 029 + $25 380 + $ 37 000 for the conference halls for two days, which makes a total of $116 121 for Meriott Hotel.


The above analysis is the possible solution the Company may take in holding the conference. They come with advantages and disadvantages. The Company needs to analyze each and be sure it will be comfortable with the one they take. The budget for the solutions is well in the range that the Company wanted to spend. Taking the Miami option for the hotel Hilton would be the best possible option for them because of the budget for one and the conference halls are spacious enough. They also offer accompaniments for the Conference and the Company does not need to incur additional cost for these kinds of services.


Hotel Meriott in Marco Island would be the best option because of the state of the art services meaning that the attendees of the Conference will have satisfaction while staying there and the location from the airport is not far meaning the attendees will have an easy time accessing it from the airport. It is still within the budget of the Company and relatively below it even; therefore, the Company will not strain financially holding the Conference there.


Whichever place or hotel the Company decides to host the Conference, the analysis of the budget can be done from online research. From the ones done above, the Company stands to hold the Conference withing its budget at the comfort of its attendees and make it a success. The company decision should not be influenced by trying to live in its means at all because all the options are well within the stipulated amount of money it needs to spend.

Relation to chapter.

The case study is related to the chapter as it involves using website research to solve the Company’s conference problem. The search involves the best option for the hotel, the cost of air tickets, booking for the hotel and comparing the costs all from the internet. The Company utilizes technology to solve its problem. We learn a great lesson on the importance of technology to a company and the impact it can have on its decision.