value proposition of a company, product or brand

Managing for Value Creation: MKTG 90037

 Assessment Task 1: Group Class Assignment

The Group Assignment is worth 20% of the total mark for the subject

You must submit up to 1000 words assignment including references and all other elements of your assignment. Note that it is a university norm that assignments may be +-10% off the limit (9001100 words).

The word limit includes everything except the cover page and reference or bibliography.  Everything includes tables, appendices etc. Word count is determined by LMS/Turnitin.

Please note the following:

  1. It is a group assignment. A group of 6 people.
  2. No presentation is required for this assignment.
  3. The assignment is to be uploaded via the LMS of the course. It must include a cover sheet that has the names, email addresses ( only) and student number of all the members of the group. Also put the name of the company, product or brand clearly on the cover page.

Please upload your document as a single Word .rtf, PDF, .doc, or .docx file.

Please also read the marking guidelines.


The Task:

Identify and evaluate the value proposition of a company, product or brand – make it clear in your analysis whether you are examining a company, product or brand. You can choose any company, product or brand that you like.

The critical elements of this task are as follows:

  1. Examine the value proposition from a customer perspective – what are the sources of value that are delivered to the customer? Remember, you are being asked to evaluate, not just describe the products or services that a company offers. Evaluation implies you use theory, as discussed in class or taken from other sources, and critically evaluate the theory and value proposition. Please note that you are expected to use theories and concepts as discussed in class weeks 1-6 (not 4).
  2. Critically evaluate the related value delivery system.
    • Please map out the value delivery using the business model canvas. Is the value delivery system aligned to the value proposition? Why do you say this?
    • What are the key activities or strategies used to support the value delivery system?
    • Who are the key competitors? Which ones are superior in delivering value compared to your selected company? Which ones deliver equal value versus your company? Why do you say this?
  1. Check if you have covered these points:
    • Have you understood and briefly described the market and region your company operates in?
    • What major drivers / factors / trends are influencing this market?
    • Briefly outline other competitors – what are the major differences about your selected company?
    • Have you clearly named a specific target customer segment?
    • Have you clearly outlined a value proposition?
    • Have you described the value types being used and why they meet the target customer’s needs?
    • Do you understand how you can link theories:
    • Value types
    • the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas
    • T & W’s Value Disciplines
    • FINALLY: How is this company different from competitors? 
    • Is your analysis critical – or are you just agreeing with everything you see?