Virtual Board Of Directors Review Capstone Final

· A brief review of the financial performance of your company during the time you and your co-managers have run the company.

This review should consist of charts showing the following:

o Trends in the company’s annual total revenues

o Trends in the company’s annual earnings per share (EPS)

o Trends in the company’s annual return on equity investment (ROE)

o Trends in the company’s annual credit rating

o Trends in the company’s year-end stock price

o Trends in the company’s annual image rating

The Performance Highlights report (accessible through your Decisions / Reports Program menu), includes a charting feature at the bottom of the report page. You can easily create a trend chart for each of the above six performance indicators and save each chart to a local storage device for insertion into a PowerPoint presentation or Word document. Double-click on the chart to download and (depending on the web browser you are using) you will be prompted to save to a PNG file. Once you have named and saved a picture file you can insert the picture into a PowerPoint slide or Word document using the Insert tab at the top of the MS Office program.

If you wish to create additional performance graphs you may do so, but the above six performance measures tell an adequate story about your company’s historical performance.