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Healthcare Marketing

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Healthcare organizations play a significant role in the community. They ensure members of the community are healthy and robust. Where necessary, new products and services are introduced to meet the health needs of the community. According to Haimowitz (2012), research should be carried to determine what exactly is needed by the community.

The Hospital

The selected hospital is Whiting Community Health Centre. It is among the primary healthcare facilities in Whiting and is fundamental to the health of the community.

Products, services, and segments

This is a health facility that provides a wide range of healthcare products and services to the residents of Whiting, Indiana. The services provided include audiology, cancer care, lung care, emergency care, therapy services, and nutritional counseling.

Community description

Whiting is a city in Indiana with a population of 4,800 people, and this population is made up of individuals in different age groups with different healthcare needs. With its location on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, the city is ideal for businesses and has attracted investors, especially in the hospitality industry.

Market research

Market research is an essential aspect of any organization that intends to serve the community. It is a process that professionals use to get information about what the community needs. In this case, market research is essential as it will enable the Whiting Community Health Center to understand the health care needed by the community. It will put the organization in the best position to provide products and services (Kotler & Stevens, 2021).

Key factors to measure demand

One of the key factors to measure demand in the listed areas is the frequency that the community needs the products and services. If the frequency is high, the demand is also high, and more investment should be made in specific areas. The community will also provide feedback or suggestions on where they need improvement, and the information in the feedback will indicate where there is demand.

Primary health needs in the community

The primary health need in Whiting is nutritional counseling. Most of the diseases suffered are due to poor nutrition or diet, which has led to a significant increase in the number of lifestyle diseases significantly affecting the community. The community should be advised on the best nutrition that will enable them to develop healthy bodies that have strong immunity.

Market attributes

The health patterns of the market will be of great importance in supporting the assessment. This is important in finding out the market’s specific needs and directing resources to the right areas. The age distribution is also an essential attribute because different age groups have different health needs. The distribution will dictate areas that need improvement as far as health is concerned.


Whiting is a community that requires investment in healthcare. Although the community already has a wide variety of healthcare facilities that provide different products and services, there is a need to invest in new areas to make sure the overall health condition of the city is improved. Proper market research should reveal areas that need improvement, especially in lifestyle diseases (Berkowitz, 2016).

The service to be used in the marketing project plan

The service for the marketing project plan is an outpatient physical therapy center. This product is selected because a majority of the residents of Whiting need it. Many people have resorted to physical activity as a means of keeping fit. They require a professional center that will help them with physical therapy as need be.


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