Week 4: HR Research Paper Outline

Throughout the course, you have been tasked with selecting, researching, and writing a paper on the Human Resource Management (HRM) topic of your choice. You were encouraged to select a topic you found interesting or one that was relevant to your current or future career. It is generally more enjoyable and thus successful when you focus on research for a topic you personally find interesting and relevant to you. There are 3 assignments throughout the 7 weeks to help you complete the course topic paper.

Step 1: Topic Proposal (Due week 2)-DONE

Step 2: Topic Paper Outline (Due this week)

Step 3: Topic Paper (Due week 6)

For this week’s assignment, in a word document, such as Microsoft Word, you will provide an outline of your Topic Paper using a full-sentence outline format. Here, you should demonstrate that progress has been made on the course project, and that your research is well underway.

Be sure to provide a list of references you have identified as useful (remember you will need to have a minimum of five for the final paper). Your outline should follow all APA formatting guidelines (including title page and references) and should also demonstrate writing expected of college-level graduate students.

Four Main Components of an Outline

Sample: Full Sentence Outline – Communication Concept

Guide to Formal Outlining