Week 5 discussion

Please read topic carefully and follow the instructions on the required references very carefully.

Please answer parts A-E in detail, I have highlighted the 2 smart technologies for part A that I would like to be featured in the discussion and made a note as to how I use them in my nursing practice, please use that information and elaborate using the required sources.

Topic 1. Smart Technologies

The integration of multiple information systems is key to viewing the complete legal healthcare record to support the point-of-care (POC) approach to patient care. Information technology at point-of-care supports safe, high quality patient care for improved outcomes. The POC approach represents the highest level of interaction between the nurse and the information system since it requires the interaction to take place during the clinical encounter.

As bedside technologies continue to advance and expand, they interface with smartphones, the EHR, and other devices to improve interdisciplinary communication and patient care.

A. Select two or more of the following smart technologies and explain how they improve your workflow and patient safety or how they could improve your workflow and patient safety. Provide examples.

1. Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)

2. Smart pumps

3. Electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU)

4. Audiovisual (AV) Monitoring systems

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

6. Biometrics – Biometric fingerprint scanner for removing medications from the Med-Pyxis for patients medications administration. Biometric ID badge scanner for logging in and out of the electronic medical record for patient charting.

7. Robotics in Health Care – The use of robotic surgery

8. 3D Bioprinting

9. Nanotechnology

B. Discuss how wearable technology (wearables) impacts nursing practice and patient autonomy for self-care of chronic disease management. Provide examples.

D. Explain the measures being taken to protect patient security and confidentiality for wearable devices.

E. Identify the ethical and legal implications of wearable technology.


1. Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 6th Edition by Toni Hebda (Author), Kathleen Hunter (Author), Patricia Czar (Author) ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0134711010 Chapter 6 (all); Chapter 11, pp. 198-199; Chapter 12 (all); Chapter 13, pp. 260-267

2. One peer reviewed scholarly journal published in the last 5 years.