Week 7 Discussion

**required article from week 6**

Sousa, C. N., Paquete, A. R., Teles, P., Pinto, C. M.,  Dias, V. F., Ribeiro, O. M., Manzini, C. S., Nicole, A. G., Souza, L. H., Ozen, N. (2021). Investigating the effect of a structured intervention on the development of self-care behaviors with arteriovenous fistula in hemodialysis patients.  Clinical Nursing Research, 30(6), 866-874.


Application and implications for practice come from the interpretation of meaning from research findings. Communicating and using research evidence is an expectation of a BSN graduate.

  • Select and describe one of the Discussions or Conclusions from the required article from the Week 6 assignment that you found interesting and applicable to practice. Describe how you would apply the evidence to improve nursing practice. Explain your answer.
  • Discuss ways you would disseminate research-based evidence; how would you share with your peers? Include your thoughts on why it is important for you to be involved in communicating and applying nursing research evidence.