What Is An Example Of Psychological “Syndrome

Using a minimum of 4 recent scholarly peered reviewed article less than 5yrs old for DQ 1 and 3 scholarly peer-reviewed article for DQ 2 must be cited using APA format 750 words for each topic DQ 1 and DQ2   It should be written separately include the http or DOI for all references used please Note: Please see reading references below:

Topic 1 DQ 1

What is an example of psychological “syndrome” that may be introduced as evidence by a forensic psychologist? In what situations might using this psychological “syndrome” be valid or not? Explain using scholarly support.

Topic 1 DQ 2

When is enough, enough? Should we put caps on people’s ability to raise psychological issues as court defenses? Use scholarly resources to support your explanation.

Reading materials:

Read Chapter 1 in Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach.



Hidden in Plain Sight: Looking for Mental Illness

Watch “Hidden in Plain Sight: Looking for Mental Illness” [Video file] in Films on Demand (2008).