What is the Peregrine Exam and why do I have to take it?

The Peregrine Exam assesses the foundational knowledge you have acquired throughout your program at Strayer. This exam can be completed in Weeks 9, 10, or 11. However, the Certificate of Completion you will receive when you have completed the exam must be uploaded here, in Week 9.

Registration Instructions
  1. Click the Click here to take your Peregrine Assessment link.
  2. Enter your Student ID and select your Program.
  3. Click Confirm.
Exam Instructions
  1. Select the hyperlink under “Thank you, your course/exam is ready,” then click Begin Exam.
  2. When you have finished the exam, Peregrine will provide you with a Certificate of Completion. Save the certificate. You will upload it in this week’s Peregrine Assessment Exam Certificate Upload Area assignment.

For additional information, technical support specific to the Peregrine exam, or answers to frequently asked questions about the Peregrine exam, please visit Peregrine’s Technical Support.

Note: If you need to contact Peregrine for technical support, please also inform your instructor of the issues you are experiencing.