Wk 2 Discussion – Therapeutic Factors of Group Work

Wk 2 Discussion – Therapeutic Factors of Group Work

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Have you ever wondered what makes group therapeutic? Yalom and Leszcz (2005) discussed 11 therapeutic factors that he believes are the actual change agents for group psychotherapy. As a group worker I would say that one of the most fascinating aspects is when I am able to identify these factors occurring in the group as I am leading it!

In this week’s readings you are introduced to Yalom’s therapeutic factors. Below is a video reviewing these therapeutic factors.

Group Dynamics and Process: Therapeutic Factors

After you review the readings and video about therapeutic factors answer the following questions.

· Suppose you were a leader of a group, identify process information that would indicate that one or more of these therapeutic factors was/were developing.

· What can a group leader do to encourage the development of therapeutic factors?

Yalom, I. D. & Leszcz, M. (2005). The theory and practice of group psychotherapy (5th ed.). Basic Books.

Cite a minimum of one scholarly source according to APA standards.