Wk 3 Team – Financial Exercises

Assignment Content

  1. Complete the Wk 3 Financial Exercises individually.

    Note: Make certain to complete all sets and parts.

    Discuss these Exercises with your team. Consider the following:

    • What are your strongest and weakest areas from the Financial Exercises?
    • Is there something that was not covered in this assignment that you’re still unsure about or would like to learn more about?
    • Look ahead to the Wk 4 Signature Assignment. How confident are you about the assignment? Are there any areas you think will be difficult for you?
    • Discuss these questions with your Learning Team and share any resources or information you have that might help your teammates. Also, discuss what steps can be taken personally to grow in the areas of concern.

      Write a 750- to a 1050-word summary of your discussion, paying special attention to which areas your team is most struggling with. Include your recommendations for the next steps.