Women Studies Paper

Report Issue
Use the articles from Janet Mock and Riki Wilchins to discuss how we know what we know about the body. How is knowledge about the body produced? Why do some people or agencies have more credibility and authority than others in constructing these knowledges?
What do Brenda Jo Brueggemann, et al and Aleichia Willams say about how the body becomes an important element in the process of identity formation and the limitations of such a construction?
Choose your own texts from this section and discuss how the way we inhabit our bodies influence how others respond to us and how we experience and understand the world we live in? How does the body influence how we experience the world and our understanding of the world?
Section Six — Activist Frontiers: Agency and Resistance

Thinking about Abu-Lughod’s essay, “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving,” what is the best approach for determining the need for international intervention while respecting cultural difference? Why? Do you agree? Why?
Choose at least two articles from this section and discuss the importance of intersectional approaches in activist work. Why is it important? What does it add? Who benefits? How is our understanding increased?
Discuss how your conceptions have changed or been broadened after reading and thinking about this course and these readings. Have you been surprised by insights or questions or approaches? What might you do differently in your life because of what you have learned here?