Write On This Topical Research Question. What Might Be The Socio-Economic Effects On The U.S. And Its Citizens If The U.S. Were To Move From A Capitalist Economic System To A Socialist Economic System? Which System Seems Preferable To You…And Why?

Write on this topical research question. What might be the socio-economic effects on the U.S. and its citizens if the U.S. were to move from a capitalist economic system to a socialist economic system? Which system seems preferable to you…and why?

* Your English100 JD Research Paper Sign-off sheet is on the other side of this assignment. Don’t lose this assignment sheet. It must be turned in with all sign-offs and the final draft of your research paper. Paper must be 4 pages, typed,double-spaced, in 12 pt. type, MLA format, and stapled, and must include a separate1 page outline and one page Works Cited page.