Writing And Presenting A Research Report

Unit 9 [MT355]

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Unit 9 Assignment: Writing and Presenting a Research Report

In this Assignment, you will be assessed based on the following outcomes:

MT355-5: Break down a research report. GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

GEL-8.01: Apply critical thinking to construct persuasive arguments. As Hair, Celsi, Bush, and Ortinau (2017) indicate in the “Essentials of Marketing Research”

textbook, a marketing researcher will usually be expected to develop a written report and presentation based on the results of the research.

In this Assignment, you will act as a market research consultant and compose a paper on the value of market research reporting, and design a PowerPoint presentation on how to create a market research report. As you prepare this marketing research report, you will engage in

demonstrating the following professional competencies of a marketing researcher:

 Sell ideas and persuade others

 Create and edit reports

 Professional presentation Marketing researchers must communicate with all stakeholders to develop accurate results

when writing up the research report and presenting it to organizational leaders. The goal of the report and presentation is to sell and persuade the results of the marketing research, whether they favorably or unfavorably help to solve the research problem or to help capitalize on the

research opportunity. A valid and appropriately designed research study will render valid results that should provide

guidance to decision-making leaders. Additionally, it is essential that marketing researchers use time management while creating and editing reports. The written report in general, will have an enormous impact on whether leadership decision makers will actually use the

research or not. Your job as the marketing researcher is to master the art of persuading and selling the necessity for conducting marketing research with proper format and reporting.

Although the terminology may differ among industries, the basic format of marketing research report discussed in this section will help researchers plan and prepare reports for various clients. Following are the parts common to all marketing research reports.


Hair, J.F., Celsi, M.W., Bush, R.P., & Ortinau, D. (2017). Essentials of marketing research (4th

ed.). Columbus, OH: McGraw Hill Education. Directions for Completing this Assignment

As a marketing researcher, your objective is to prepare a presentation on how to create a

marketing research report. Complete the following steps to successfully execute this Assignment:

Unit 9 [MT355]

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Step 1:

Use the RSG to provide the scenario for you to find a related research study from the

PG Library. Using the research study you will then write a research report.

This Random Scenario Generator (RSG) will provide you with a random situation consisting of three different variables:

 a business industry,

 a business research issue, and  a metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

(Reminder: You will be prompted to select 1 of the 3 options for each of the variables. Once

you have selected from each variable category, the resulting scenario is to be the basis for your work on this Assignment. Each student’s scenario will be documented.)

Step 2: Compose a report on the value of market research reporting using this format: Using expository writing style, prepare a report explaining the necessary steps for a research

report for companies within the provided RSG situation.

This report should be written in APA 6th edition style formatting by following the research report outline as indicated in the “Essentials of Marketing Research” textbook (pg. 358).

Your presentation paper will be a minimum of 1,000-words (4-5-pages), in addition to the title,

reference, and appendix pages, be double-spaced, and in 12-pt font.

Your paper should include reasoning and value for each area of a marketing research report and should contain all of the following headings and subheadings in proper APA 6th edition style and formatting:

1. Title page 2. Table of contents 3. Introduction for the purposes of this Presentation (Directed to client)

● Introduction (Market Research Report)

● Research methods and procedures

● Data analysis and findings

● Conclusions and recommendations

● Limitations

● Appendixes

4. References

Step 3: Prepare an Audio/Visual PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of your report for an individual Client (based on your RSG situation)

Your PPT will be used as a presentation of your written paper. This will include a slide for each specific area of your market research report, and include your reasoning for the value of each section.

Instructions for adding audio to PPT is located under Course Resources in the Course

Documents area in the left navigation of your course titled as PPT Tutorial.

Review this tutorial on Searching for Information in the Library.

Unit 9 [MT355]

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Directions for Submitting Your Assignment Review the grading rubric below before beginning this Assignment. For additional help with

expository writing style, persuasive writing style, PowerPoint, and APA 6th edition formatting, please visit the Writing Resources accessed through the Academic Success Center within the Academic Tools area of the course. Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft® Word®

document and save it with your first name initial and last name (Example: JDeem-MT355 Assignment-Unit 9.docx). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 9 Assignment Dropbox by the end of the unit.

MT355 Unit 9 Assignment: Writing and Presenting a Research






Step 2: The Value of Market Research Reporting

Reasoning for the presentation, including a description of the



Developed a properly formatted Table of Contents. 5

Prepared an Introduction for your marketing research report. 5

Prepared the Methods and Data Collection sections of your presentation.


Prepared the Conclusions and Recommendations section of your presentation.


Prepared the limitations of your marketing research report. 5

Step 3: Prepared a PPT Presentation 5

PowerPoint includes all the sections of the market research report. 10

Audio is used to present the information. 5

PPT quality for consulting presentation. 5

Clarity / Organization You are expected to meet the following requirements. Penalties will be calculated as a percentage up to 50% of the grade and will apply if the following criteria are not met.

Applied expository writing style. Writing style, grammar, and APA 6th edition formatting.

Applied proper APA 6th edition formatting style; including in-text

citations, title page, and reference page.

No spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Used appropriate language related to the strategy theories, concepts, and principles learned.

Professional use of abbreviations and acronyms.

Total Gross Assignment Score: 60

Late Penalty (-10% 1 week late, -20% for over one week. Prior approval for any projects later than 2 weeks.)